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  Walker Bernardo, LLC
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Walker Bernardo

Walker Bernardo, LLC is a privately-held strategy consulting practice with expertise in Risk Management, Big Data and Analytics, and Business Development. Clients for Walker Bernardo enjoy success in applying risk and statistical models to their data, developing improved marketing plans and reduced risk profiles.

The Risk Management offerings from Walker Bernardo include providing executives tools for Enterprise Risk Management, advising on Credit Risk Management, and improving operations through Operational Risk Management.

Big Data and Analytical services are geared at helping our clients get more value from their data. Often this means understanding customers better in order to provide better services and products or in order to develop and define new market opportunities. Our services include providing economic and demographic data for customer prospecting.

Walker Bernardo offers Innovation and Business Development support to companies of all sizes. This includes guiding large enterprises through an acceleration phase of a new business to advising a start-up on best pricing models and negotiation strategies.

We also offer customized executive education and training to assist our clients with implementing and executing new imperatives. All recommendations and solutions are unique to the client and developed with our client’s success in mind.



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